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Updating an existing photo

In FlickrExport for Aperture, when you upload a photo using FlickrExport, you have the option to keep track of which photos you have exported from your Aperture library and the photos they correspond to on the Flickr website. To enable this, you will first need to enable the “Add Flickr ID to Aperture Metadat” option in the FlickrExport preferences. Once you have uploaded the photo to Flickr, the photo’s ID will be saved in the Aperture library database so that FlickrExport knows which photo on Flickr corresponds to that photo in the Aperture library.

If you then go to upload that photo a second time, you’ll see that the “Replace Existing Photo on Flickr” and “Update Flickr Metadata” options will be enabled for that photo. Replacing the photo will upload a new copy of the photo, reflecting whatever changes have been made to the photo and its metadata since the last time it was uploaded. If you have only changed photo metadata since the last time you uploaded the photo, then you can specify just to update the metadata without having to upload a whole new copy of the photo.

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