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Specifying privacy, license, and content options

The “Control” tab allows you to set several Flickr-specific options for your uploaded photos:


This controls who can see the uploaded photos on Flickr. Publicly visible photos can be viewed by anyone, even if they are not logged in with a Flickr account. Marking the photos as being private will make them only visible to you, or people you specifically share a link with from the Flickr website. You can also specify that photos be visible to other Flickr users you have said are your friends or family. Checking the “Hide From Public Areas” checkbox will ensure that the photos are not included in public searches performed on the Flickr website. You can set a default value for this in the FlickrExport preferences.


Allows you to specify the safety level for the uploaded photos, which can help restrict photos from being viewed by children or other audiences. More details on Flickr’s definitions for the various safety levels can be found at


Set the type of content contained in the photo. Flickr’s current options for this field include “Photo”, “Screenshot”, and “Other”.


If you want other people to be able to use your photos with attribution, you can choose a license that specifies the terms under which the images can be used.

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