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To upload photos via FlickrExport, first select the photos you want to upload in the iPhoto or Aperture window, then select the "Export" menu item from the File menu. 

This will bring up the export window, which will show all the installed export options along the top, including FlickrExport. If you do not see FlickrExport in the export window, try running the installer again.

The first time you open FlickrExport you will need to authenticate the plugin with Flickr, to give it permission to upload photos to your account. You can read more about this in Managing Flickr accounts.

The photos you had selected will appear along the left hand side of the window. The search field at the top can be used to look for a particular photo by name, with the various options for setting photo metadata, groups and photossets, and privacy and license controls sitting to the right.

Once you have set everything up the way you want, simply click the "Export" button, and FlickrExport will begin the upload process.

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