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Configuring photo uploads

FlickrExport provides several options for customizing how the photo is uploading to Flickr and what information is included with the photo. FlickrExport will automatically fill out the Title, Description, and Tags fields for each photo using the corresponding information that has already been entered for the photo in iPhoto/Aperture (the Tags field is populated with any keywords you’ve assigned to the photo). 

You can enter custom information for any of these fields by selecting a photo and typing in the information you want. Multiple photos can also be selecting using the shift or command keys, so that you can apply the same description or tags to a whole batch of photos at once. Note that any information you enter here will not be saved in iPhoto/Aperture, and is only assigned to the photo once it’s uploaded to Flickr.

You can also specify a size to which you want FlickrExport to scale the photos before uploading them to Flickr. In iPhoto, this is done by specifying a number in the “Scale longest side to:” field. The “Quality” pop-up menu also lets you specify the quality level for uploaded JPGs. In Aperture, you can use the “Version Preset” pop-up menu at the bottom of the window to specify how to process the photos.

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