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iPhoto Library Manager 3.5 released

At long last, iPhoto Library Manager 3.5 is now available! The main focus of this update is providing support for transferring the new Faces and Places data introduced in iPhoto '09. If you use the new version to copy photos from one library to another, and you have tagged faces in those photos, those face records will be recreated in the destination library. Similarly, if you have assigned places to photos or events that you're copying, that data will now also be copied over along with the photos. This was probably the most complex new addition to iPhoto in quite some time, so updating iPhoto Library Manager has taken a good while longer than usual. However, with the help of some intrepid beta testers, the new version is now ready for general use.You can use the "Check For Updates" menu item within the program to update to the new version, or you can download it here as well. This is a free update for anyone who's already a registered user, so no additional purchase is necessary to update to the new version.For those interested, here are the complete release notes for the new version:iPhoto Library Manager 3.5 release notesTagged faces are now transferred along with photos that are copied/merged between libraries in iPhoto '09Places data is now copied along with photos when performing a copy or a merge in iPhoto '09iPhoto Library Manager now creates its own log files and logs progress and error information as it copies photos (accessible from the Window menu)When using the "Import Photos" menu command, if the user selects an iPhoto library to import, we now perform a merge instead of treating the library like a plain folderFixed a crash that could occur when copying photos on a PPC machineFixed a bug where copying photos that were imported as aliases could result in an unneeded "modified" copy of the photo being created in the destination libraryA printable version of the help is now available at http://www.fatcatsoftware.com/iplm/Help/print/index.htmlRemoved the preference setting for double clicking a library - double click now always opens the library in iPhoto, and a single click edits the library's nameWhen the user clicks the Cancel button, we now present a dialog to verify that they do in fact want to cancel the operationRemoved the preference for relaunching iPhoto during a merge. This pref was for working around a bug in iPhoto 6, so we now just relaunch automatically when merging with iPhoto 6.Photos that were published to a MobileMe gallery are now always included in the main library during a merge, and not just in the gallery itselfFixed a problem where movies and original versions of photos would not be copied for some usersAdded a "selection" property to the Applescript dictionary so scripters can access the currently selected library