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iPhoto ‘09 + Safari 4 beta + geotags = crash

Update 3/20/09: it appears that this crasher has been resolved as of iPhoto 8.0.1, so if you're encountering this problem, make sure to update to the latest version of iPhoto using Software Update.Just as a public service announcement, I thought I'd post about a conflict between iPhoto '09 and the Safari 4 beta that could cause some rather mysterious looking crashes, regardless of whether you use iPhoto Library Manager. The crash occurs when importing photos into iPhoto, but only under certain, somewhat odd conditions. The crash occurs when:You have both iPhoto '09 (version 8.0) and the Safari 4 beta installed on your machineYou're importing a batch of photos into iPhoto, at least one of which has embedded geotagging dataThis is the first import that you have done since launching iPhoto. If you first import a batch of photos with no geotags, then do a second import that does include geotags, it will not cause a crashIf you've been experiencing weird crashes when importing photos and have this affecting you, the easy solution is to uninstall Safari 4 and go back to using Safari 3. If you really don't want to uninstall, you can also always remember to import a non geotagged photo before doing your geotagged photos (good luck with remembering that :) ).