Fat Cat Software

Information on the macOS High Sierra public beta

Apple just started the public beta program for their next version of macOS, called High Sierra, with the final release coming sometime in the full. All Fat Cat Software products will be made compatible with High Sierra upon its final release, but in the meantime we do not officially support the High Sierra betas, and you may encounter incompatibilities if you try using our software on the beta releases. If you want to ensure you can get actual work done, please continue using macOS Sierra or El Capitan. Below is the current list of known incompatibilities:PowerPhotos: PowerPhotos is able to display and do basic work with libraries that have been upgraded to the version of Photos with High Sierra, but some things may display incorrectly, such as some of the albums in the album list. Copying, merging, and duplicate finding appear to work in early tests, but have not been fully verified yet, so it’s recommended you only use these functions on Sierra or El Capitan. If you have already upgraded a library using High Sierra, that library will no longer be readable by Sierra or El Capitan, so you will also need to revert that library to a backup copy made before upgrading. iPhoto Library Manager, PowerTunes, FlickrExport, and PlistEdit Pro: There are currently no known incompatibilities with High Sierra If you do come across issues while running the High Sierra beta, do feel free to email us at support@fatcatsoftware.com with a bug report. We may not have an immediate solution for you, but we will fix whatever bugs come up before the final release of High Sierra. Again, if you do come across a bug and need to get real work done, you should do so using Sierra or El Capitan instead.